Hazardous Edges

Have you had enough of dark and dangerous bus and train stations? Let´s face ist, more often than not, bus and train stations can be either way to dark or almost invisible to see. New electric vehicles and less noisy cars are more difficult to hear. At many public transport stations exiting bright lit buses and trains becomes a challenge at unlit transit stations. Let´s avoid falls, injuries and the headaxhe of compensaty fpr senseless damages rusulting from poor light lighting. We can make it so much simpler. Increase orientation at safety with non-glare Beckstone. With Beckstone crosswalks and lanes get a better visibility for fewer accidents. Beckstone can feature special effects, such as blinking light for the approaching train or bus. One of the best features is: Beckstone is free of maintenance and energy-efficient.
Now, Beckstone makes safety more affordable than ever. The power consumption of a 20w Halogen bulb runs 40 Beckstones paver lights. So you can protect passengers also at spots where it was not cost-efficient up to now.