Parking Lots

White marked parking lots, in historic city centers or downtown areas and design sensitive environments, are disturbing the overall aesthetic appearance design work.

To help this problem, usually materials with a strong contrast are used to avoid white marking stripes. But during night they are almost invisible and lead to imprecise parked cars. Up to 25 % of the parking lot space in urban environments is not used properly.
Beckstone shows its qualities in those kinds of situations:

By adding five to six Beckstones on the marking for each parking lot, each lot can be indicated in the best possible way at night time.
During daytime the granite-like surface texture of our “NATURE” models and the dust-taking feature of our “STYLE” models make Beckstone invisible and do not disturb the intended project design.

Paver lines for parking lot markings are usually not incorporated in the pattern of the main surface structure. It is very easy and inexpensive to install Beckstones as a retrofitting.