Pathway Marking

Naturally, walkways through parks and alleys are darker since the landscape design with plants and trees has less reflection than common traffic installations. Therefore, uneven pathways have a higher risk of tripping especially for visually handicapped people.
Regular pole luminaries create light islands with dark areas in-between the space of them.
Also they are usually very bright and glare into the eyes of pedestrians. Therefore the pathway is not visible enough for well surefootedness.
With a light line of one Beckstone every three feet along the pathway Beckstone luminaries’ are the ideal indicator light for landscape design. They are root-proof since they are made of one block that roots can not damage.

In winter with light snowfalls Beckstone still mark the edge of the pathway and avoid accidents and claims.
Beckstones are very reasonable. They affect the overall project budget only with a small amount because it is an easy to install 12V dc system that can be installed within 15 inch depth of the surface. The installation with our heat-shrinkable connector set takes not more than 5 minutes per piece.
The long-life investment in energy efficient and almost maintenance free Beckstones enables the efficient operation of your pathway lighting. With Beckstone you can create a modern and mystic atmosphere along your pathways that where not lit before.