Public Transport

Curbs at bus stops and train stations contain a risk especially for old and disabled people. It is not only people falling off the platform on to the train tracks, that cause personal damage. Stepping outside a bright lit train on to the dark platform is hazardous in many building situations and affects the surefootedness for all passengers.
Non-glare Beckstone luminaires improve this situation in the use as a platform indicator light.
Further this safety routing indicator light can be extended pathway lighting beyond the platform to a pedestrian crossing. Less noisy cars, more electric vehicles and trolley systems are more difficult to hear. So the designers of public traffic application have to consider audio-visual issues into there future planning. Nowadays we are already able to control our lights by traffic light signals so they can warn passengers of the approaching train or bus.
Beckstones are extremely energy efficient. In comparison to one 20 w light bulb 40 Beckstones can be run with the same energy. With the long-life LED-technology there almost no maintenance cost. Therefore now places can be lit that were to expensive to lit with the outdated technology.